They’ve said about us…

It was very interesting and useful to come to know the inside of this instrument, and to learn how to deal with those little problems that cannot always be fixed by bringing the accordion back to the factory. Every accordionist, professional and not, should participate and learn more.
Antonino De Luca

A fantastic course. Excellent tutors. My confidence working on accordions in now skyhigh. I recommend this course for the professional and anyone wanting to refresh some old skills or learn some new ones. 5 stars for everyone.
Frazer Mclellan

It is a brand new world for me. I could never imagined what the inside of an accordion really looks like, and I wouldn’t be the wiser if I didn’t delve into it with you guys. Thank you so much for being to nice and supportive.
Giovanni Borsatti

I learned a lot in this course. It will be very useful for me in the future. Interesting and good instructions. Looking forward to the next course!
Daniel Andersson

I have to say I found this course very interesting, and I’m glad I was a part of it. I’ll certainly be participating in the next tiers, and I got along very well both with my teachers and my colleagues.
It was a terrific experience and I’m looking forward to do this again! Thank you wholeheartedly to the Accordion Craft Academy.
Nicolò Adragna

The course was really interesting. I could never imagine that I would be able to successfully de-assemble the whole keyboard and mechanics. Practice will make us perfect, and now we have the skills to start practicing.
Carmine Marra

A very useful course to get into the knowledge of how to meddle with the accordion in its different parts.
Leonardo Scandali

In my opinion, this was an amazing course, as I learned how to de-assemble an accordion, and now I’m capable of doing it again at home.
Matteo Borsatti

As an accordion player, I consider the accordion like a soul to my body… I’m one with it.
Participating in this course was, I dare say, productive and exceptional. Before this, I would never think of operating into my very ‘first love’. Now I can even take care of it!
The course was great with excellent, truy experienced teachers. Magical days of practice, focus, study and amusement in the company of nice, serious and modest colleagues. Thanks to all the staff for this chance of building the skills for a future job!
Marcello Lentinu

Very interesting course held by knowledgeable and skilled people peoplecapable of very clear presentation. It was very practical with a lot of working material, and no neglect to the theoretical part. The secrets of the art were passed along seamlessly and smoothly.
Luigi Francolini

The course is excellent for those willing to understand how the accordion works, how to de-assemble and re-assemble it and how and where we can dare put get our hands in to perform basic repairings and general maintenance.
Luca Fraschina

I wanted to say thank you for this chance. I have been wanted to do something like this for a long time. Making this dream come true in the company of people so helpful, experienced, wonderful, was totally priceless. Thank you to my fellow mates as every and each gave me something unique. Only downside: the course is over! See you next time, you guys are great!
Enzo Cospito

Excellent course that taught me to get my hands into the accordion where I would have never dared to, like all those that tried opening the accordion only to close it again shortly afterwards in awe of the mechanical complexity.
Martin Breccia

We went over many interesting topics, absolutely required for maintaining the accordion correctly. The time spent was very pleasant and profitable. Company was super!!!
Domenico Rizio