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Victoria Accordions

Victoria Accordions produces high quality accordions since 1919. Victoria was one of the first factories that started to produce converter accordions hence the name “Victoria Converter“.

Victoria has always worked with the greatest accordionists and teachers, this cooperation has helped to innovate and modificate models known for their longlife and customer satisfaction. The legendary sound is warm, velvety and unmistakable, and awarded Victoria with the nickname of ‘Ferrari‘ of accordions.

Skyler Business School

Skyler Business School is the offspring of the idea that everyone needs to evolve and adapt to be able to build a successful life and achieve personal fullfillment. In order to take full advantage of the little and big opportunities in life, people need to be willing to re-invent themselves and always be hungry for knowledge.

Skyler Business School offers hands-on and ever-evolving training courses that make the difference in both work and life.

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Accordion Craft Academy grows through every new partnership and is open to collaboration and business networking. If you own a business and share our love for the accordion and this project, we’d love to work with you. Contact us at partnership@accordioncraftacademy.com.