Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you organize?

At Accordion Craft Academy we created a learning route aimed at guiding the pupils through the practical aspects of the accordions. Our Courses for Accordion Repairers Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 are about tuning, maintaining and repairing. Learn more here.

What are the courses’ topics? What is the cost? (etc.)

You can find all the information you need at our course page. Just click on any event or Tier to display all the details about it.

Do you organize other types of courses?

In addition to our learning program for Accordion Repairers, we aim to organize courses for building accordions in the future.

Do you organize music courses?

No, Accordion Craft Academy focuses on the technical aspects of the accordion.

Will you organize other events aside from those already scheduled?

We certainly hope so! We are really working towards organizing events for all the courses and tiers. However, for organizational reasons it’s not possible for us to know the entire event schedule for the year in advance, as many factors come into play when organizing unique events such as those we aim to offer. That being said, we are giving notice of any upcoming event as soon as they are scheduled, both via our newsletter and on our Social pages.

Do I need to be a musician in order to attend your courses?

No, our courses are open to everyone.

Where do your courses take place?

Courses take in Calstefidardo, Italy, in a dedicated structure in via Giuseppe Mazzini 11, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (‘Expo Palace‘), home to the Victoria Accordions gallery.

Do I need to speak Italian to attend your courses?

No, we organize bilingual courses, where both Italian and English are spoken. If you don’t speak or undestand Italian, don’t worry: you will be able to attend to classes and interact with your teachers.

Should I bring my own accordion to class?

It’s required for Tier 1 courses that all pupils bring their own accordion. This is necessary as we want all pupils to experience a hands-on approach with their own personal instrument.

What if my accordion is not a Victoria?

The knowledge and know-how of our courses are universal and suitable for all brands of accordion in the market. We don’t mind what’s the brand of your accordion: everyone is welcome at Accordion Craft Academy.

I own one or more accordion in need of maintenance and/or repairings. Can I bring them to the course?

That’s a great idea! While going through the practical aspects of the course, participants will be working out how to deal with problems and to perform maintenance. If you bring accordions that could use some love, you will both have the chance to acquire experience on how to deal with a wider variety of situations AND you’ll go home with instruments that are working and in a much better shape than when they arrived!

What are the prerequisites for becoming a Certified Repairing Center?

Our Certified Repairers have shown good skills at the courses. Our goal is to train highly specialized personnel, therefore participation to Tier 2 is required at minimum.

If I become a Certified Repairer, will my training be over after Tier 2?

No, our project aims at keeping quality skyhigh with continuing education of the personnel of the Repairing Centers. It is fundamental that every person willing to enter this career continue their technical and practical training, and we will also organize specific events tailored to achieve this.

Do you organize courses outside of Italy?

We are not organizing courses outside of Italy at this time, although this is one of our objectives for the future.

I’m in a group or orchestra and every member is interested in attending one of your courses

Glad to hear! We strongly suggest that you contact us directly. Depending on the specific case, we might be able to offer you a special price and\or organize an eclusive event specially dedicated to your group or orchestra.

Can I sign up for Tier 2 courses without attending Tier 1 first?

No, at Accordion Craft Academy we created a 3-tier learning route that must be attended in order, as each tier (except the first) requires full knowledge from the previous one. We do this because it’s really important for the experience we want to offer that every participant gets the best out of every minute in class.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the most common credit card types (Visa, MasterCard e American Express) as well as payments via bank transfer. More details about payment methods here.

I have another question…

Contact us! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.