Accordion Craft Academy

A heritage of craftsmanship – Beyond the music, inside the Accordion

Castelfidardo, Italy, is the pounding heart of the accordion music and crafting, and it’s now home to the Accordion Craft Academy, brainchild of two enterprise visionaries. Accordion Craft Academy aims at recovering and passing on the knowledge and art of accordion crafting, a cultural heritage that has long been a prerogative of craft masters.

We want to give musicians and enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know this precious instrument in the deep, to learn how to take care of it, identify and fix any damage, and even build a brand new accordion from scratch.

We offer the experience of accordion at its maximum: a deep, practical knowledge, a direct hands-on contact, in the company of well-known representatives, amazing teachers, and the keepers of the secret of a long tradition of art and craft.

Accordion Craft Academy brings you beyond the music, inside the instrument.



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